Daily Rituals During a Pandemic

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A morning cup of coffee.

Life for many of us can feel especially hectic right now and incorporating simple, daily rituals can help bring back much needed peace and stability.

Back in May, my husband and I attended a Zoom “semi”-wedding. It was held on the date that the groom and bride were supposed to get married (until covid-19 made them change their plans) and they wanted to commemorate the day. It was incredibly touching, a tad awkward, and overall pretty hilarious.


Sadly, they are not the only people figuring out creative ways to mark special milestones. Schools, businesses, and parents the world over are struggling to establish normalcy in an time of social distancing and self-isolation.

It’s easy to think of rituals as something esoteric and magical, but the truth is they are a part of everyday life. Though some are deeply sacred, others are simply comforting and habitual. Routine, even. This includes getting dressed for work, saying grace, daily showers, and even tail-gating before a big game.

Rituals are a way to celebrate milestones in a person’s life, welcome the seasons, and mark the passage of time. They are acts and events which help us forge and deepen social connections and create a sense of belonging in our communities, both big and small. They are a necessary element of the human existence.

Covid-19 has put a hard stop to important rituals like graduations, funerals, and birthday parties. Even familiar morning routines have been disrupted. Now more people work from home and students attend school online. This change of pace has left many of us feeling anxious. We have no real sense of when exactly things will go back to “normal”. To top it all off, we aren’t even sure what our new “normal” really is. Everything is in a state of transition, leaving us craving a kind of closure, some form of structure.

All this uncertainty is exhausting.


The good news is that rituals might be just the answer. They can be as effortless as a weekly Zoom coffee date with your best friend. Or as simple as changing out of your loungewear even though you’re not going to the office. These are simple ways to help you feel more grounded and in control.

I read a story about a woman whose grandmother died and, due to Coronavirus, she couldn’t attend the funeral. Instead, she decided to bake her grandmother’s favorite cookies. She ate them while journaling about favorite memories with her grandmother.

Although times are tough, we have the power to create our own meaningful daily rituals that will help us feel both held and forward-moving. They can be as elaborate or as simple as feels right. By doing this, we will welcome more grounding, peace and connection into our lives, despite the social distance. 


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